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Recognise your personal Star

Everyone has his or her very own individual strengths. These need to be identified. My clients also have their own specific requirements, which are specially customised to their needs. I would be happy to provide you with highly professional support in human resources management and to offer you the highest level of personalised service.

Personnel consulting (face-to-face, online, hybrid):

Fishing for Stars

I advise you as a company on all your personnel issues that may arise throughout the recruitment process. My aim is to ensure that, at the end, you are able to make informed and sustainable personnel decisions.

To achieve this, I will take on, when needed, the creation of requirement and job profiles for you. My area of responsibility also includes the planning and developing of appropriate selection procedures and tools (standardised interviews, assessment centres, the use of psychological test procedures, etc.). In addition, you can hire me for the implementation of the selection process and its evaluation. We will also jointly find the ideal employees for your company – your new stars!

Aptitude assessment

  • Systematic and sustainable selection of personnel
  • Planning and implementation of application processes for external applicants as well as for in-house employees
  • Compiling psychological reports on suitability for a specific position

Potential analysis

  • Development and implementation of procedures to assess the potential of in-house employees for strategic human resources development
  • Identification of strengths and development potential, as well as devising systematic personnel development from recommendations, with the aim of employee retention
  • Compiling psychological reports as a substantiated basis for personnel decisions, which are crucial for your company’s success

Coaching (face-to-face or online):

Coaching for Stars

During your professional career, there will always be phases, which will require you to take important decisions. For the decision-making process, it is often useful to have an experienced yet independent partner at your side, who can neutrally accompany this process, which can sometimes be very exhausting. For many years as a senior coach (BDP) I have supported specialists and executive managers in the handling of professional personal questions and helped them bring the star, which slumbers deep inside them, to life.


Coaching reasons can be, for example:

Career Coaching

  • Professional Re-orientation / Outplacement
  • Career entry into the employment market after graduation
  • Return to the workforce after parental leave

Management Coaching

  • Support in taking up the first executive position
  • Resilient management
  • Management in crises and during changes

Coaching as crisis intervention

  • Psychological first aid in crisis situations
  • Resilience and mindfulness
  • Dealing with psychological pressures in the working environment

Training (face-to-face, online):

Training with Stars

Career phases of changes, disruptions and crises often throw up questions, such as “Who am I?” “What are my skills?”, “What do I want?” or “Where do I want to be?” It’s precisely these issues that we look into during my training sessions, so that at the end you will have gained clarity about what is right for you.


Topics for training sessions can be:

Professional Orientation

  • Orientation in the employment market (information about industries, markets, etc.) – “Where do I want to be?”
  • Analysis of strengths and development potential (questionnaires and test procedures) – “Who am I?”, “What are my skills?”
  • Career identification and goal setting – “What do I want?”

Application check

  • “How well am I prepared?” – support with the contextual and structural design of application documents (application covering letters, curriculum vitae, certificates/ references)
  • “How do I proceed?” – presentation of different strategies for targeted job searches in the employment market (direct approach / speculative application, analysis of job postings, research on job portals and on corporate websites)
  • “What is it that awaits me?” – presentation of various application procedures and practical preparation for these (exercises from assessment centre procedures, application discussions, questionnaires and test procedures, psychological feedback)

Intercultural training

  • Preparation for professional assignment abroad
  • Training in intercultural competence / sensitivity and awareness training
  • Global vs. country- and culture-specific training