Welcome - Starfish Co
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A warm welcome to Starfish Co.

Over the course of my professional life, I have been fully committed to diagnostics, career and consulting. I am dedicated, with vision, heart and mind, to psychological personnel and career consulting, coaching and training. In my work, my customers are always at the centre of my attention, whether virtually or face-to-face.

My credo: Fishing for Stars

We human beings are as multifaceted and diverse as the colourful underwater world of our oceans. At Starfish Co., it is all about identifying the optimum for my customers. This is because there is something very special in each human being. Each person is unique, every person is a star. I am looking forward to sharing our search for what is special in you!

What can you expect?

Learn more in a brief outline about what kind of services you can expect from Starfish Co.:

Personnel consulting:

Fishing for Stars

Target group: HR directors and executive managers
Content: Consulting about recruitment issues, psychological personnel selection and aptitude assessment in accordance with DIN 33430, identification of potential in employees, aptitude evaluation for fragile situations, as well as risk occupations (amongst others, aviation, development cooperation)


Coaching for Stars

Target group: HR developers, specialists and executive managers, and private individuals
Reasons: Management consulting services for executive managers, career coaching for career entry, re-entry or professional re-orientation, crisis management and intervention (including peer support)


Training with Stars

Target group: HR Specialists, specialists and executive managers, representatives from the civil service sector
Content: Everything involved in vocational orientation, including application checks and preparation for assignments abroad